About Us

The Mandan Boys Basketball Club is organized to promote and sponsor participation in boy's basketball and to build and improve skills for the future of basketball.  MBBC is supported, organized and run by the parents of third grade through high school age boys basketball players.

Some examples of support provided by the club include reimbursements into youth basketball tournament registrations for Mandan youth traveling teams, reimbursements for summer team camps for Mandan high school basketball teams, reimbursements for coaching clinic attending by Mandan boys basketball coaches, and equipment purchases which help promote Mandan basketball.

Club revenues are generated primarily through the organization of tournaments and club memberships.  The club currently hosts three tournaments per year, including two MBBC Youth Tournaments and the Annual Class B Boys Basketball Holiday tournament.  See the Tournaments tab on this website for more information.  Every boys basketball player playing on a Mandan basketball team, whether school-sponsored or youth traveling team, must be a member of the club, in order to recieve the benefits from the club.  The membership year runs September 1st to August 31st.

Club meetings occur the 3rd Monday of each month August through May at the Mandan Eagles at 7pm.  All parents of Mandan boys basketball players of any age are welcome to attend. 


MBBC Officers

John Sayler - President

Nadine Heck - Vice President

Whitney Rinas - Treasurer

Sara Rinas - Secretary 

Brad Schafer - Trustee

Scott Sheldon - Trustee

Vanessa Monteith - Trustee

Desiree Condon - Trustee

Kelly Janz - Trustee


How Do I Start a Traveling Team?

Traveling teams are organized by parents.  As long as every player of the team is a paid member of the club, all tournament registrations fees are paid for by the club (team fees normally $150 -$200, 3-on-3 fees normally $100-$150).

  • Ages – 3rd or 4th grade is the normal time to start a team, but can be formed in any grade up to 8th grade.  Most tournaments will have a 4th Grade division (some will have a separate 3rd Grade division).  You can always play up a division, so a 2nd or 3rd grade team can play in the 4th grade division in any tournament.
  • Coaching – Done by parents or someone parents can find to help coach the team.
  • Players – You only need 5 to play a game, but most teams will consist of 6-10 players with 8 being the average.  To receive club benefits, the team must be made up of Mandan players (either go to school in Mandan or home-schooled with Mandan address).
  • Team Name – Completely up to the players/parents/coaches of the team.
  • Uniforms – Color/design is up to the players/parents/coaches of the team.  These can be as plain or as fancy as desired.  All that is required is that the tops are the same color and have a number on the back.  There are many printing companies in the Bis-Man area that can assist you with the ordering/printing of uniforms.  In certain cases, the club may have jerseys for free that have been handed down.
  • Cost – The nice thing about basketball is that there are not many expenses.  There are usually 12-15 tournaments per year just in the Bis-Man area, so you don’t have to travel out of town if you don’t want to.  The only expenses you have are uniforms, shoes and a couple basketballs.
  • Sponsors – As identified in the ‘Cost’ section, there are not many expenses, however many teams will have a sponsor or two to pay for nice uniforms.  You can have the sponsors names printed on the uniforms.
  • Gyms – There are serveral gyms in town (MMS, Fort Lincoln, Lewis & Clark, Roosevelt, Mary Stark, Custer, Braves Center).  It is a matter of making some calls to learn of availability.
  • Tournaments – There are 5 tournaments each year (Oct - May) right here in Mandan and another 8-10 tournaments in Bismarck.  Other tournaments in the region include Dickinson, Minot, Jamestown and Valley City.
  • Club Meetings – The club meets the 3rd Monday of each month (August through May) at Mandan Eagles at 7pm.  A representative of each team is required to attend each meeting.
  • Tournament Workers – Each team is required to assist with club-sponsored events.  These events include 2-3 youth basketball tournaments (Dec-Mar), the annual Class B Boys Basketball Holiday tournament in late December, the annual Chili Feed in late Nov/early Dec, and one 50/50 Split Raffle at a boys’ basketball home game.
  • Interested in traveling team but do not have a coach? - Please email the club and we can put you ona list.  If there are enough people on the list and a coach can be found, a new team can start. 

Any other questions or guidance with starting a team, please contact the MBBC (Mandan Boys Basketball Club) or attend a meeting.

                E-mail: mandanbbc@gmail.com


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